Should you recruit during summer?

Summer brings great weather, holidays and generally business slows down. With so many people trying to get away from work is it worth the effort recruiting?
Here are five reasons why you should recruit during the summer:

1) More Time
While business activity slows down during the summer, this doesn’t mean recruitment should. Potential candidates will have more free time and therefore be available to speak about vacancies and interview. Use the summer as a way of taking advantage of available candidates that your competition miss.

2) More Visibility
Since a lot of companies slow down their recruiting during the summer you can use this time to increase your visibility. Job advertisements, emailing candidates and social network visibility mean your opportunities will be highly visible.

3) Passive Candidates Become Active
Even people who like their jobs get bored during the summer and start wondering what else is happening on the job market. Take the opportunity to find these gems!

4. Staying connected
When we take time off during summer, we all stay connected by social media nonetheless. Even at the beach with a cocktail, we take our time to search for new job opportunities and view emails meaning your target is never ‘offline’

5. Sunshine = happiness and energy
In the summer people feel happier and more energised because of the sun. With happiness, energy and confidence, people will have more power to make the actual change; to enter the job market and be successful in finding a (new) job.

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the weather, but the slow business this time of year creates, also gives you the perfect opportunity to find and recruit great candidates.
Speak to us to discuss your vacancy we have some really strong candidates that will not be around for long…

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