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I am ready for interview and have the most relevant experience for the job. Its all on my CV.

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Your interviews will be focused and effective and you will be well prepared to demonstrate to the employer that you have what they are looking for.

Candidates: Make an Interview Plan

Research the Company and Interviewers

Make sure you do your research thinking you know about a company and actually researching a company are two different things. Look at their website, products, latest news, competitors, company profits and revenue. Just as important is knowing who is interviewing you. Look them up on the internet and social media to understand their background, you may even find other employees within the business to see the hiring trend.

Clear Agenda

Ask us what the interview will entail and how long it lasts. We will always speak to the interviewer to gauge this information but it is important you probe so that you can prepare accordingly. Review your CV and application to make sure you are ready to answer questions about your experience. Prepare examples of success stories and performance. You may even bring track record of success particularly when applying for sales or commercial. positions

Trusted Recruiter

Presentation and Journey

Plan your journey well in advance and aim to get to your destination atleast 30-45mins early. There is no harm in having a coffee and making final preparations before the interview to avoid being late or rushed. Always dress to impress. Smartly dressed without any piercings or tattoos on show where possible and never wear anything too bright or revealing.

Give Employers a Great Impression

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